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Nice report. Got any pictures

I've only tried to fish the Big T once, but the water was too high and fast. I prefer to fish the smaller streams in the park anyway. I see very few people on the smaller streams I like to fish. And I've caught some surprisingly nice fish out of them. Great fun on the 2wt. I've also fished some of the lakes in the park, but certain ones tend to get hit pretty hard.
Sorry but I normally do not take pictures. I think I did once a few years ago. Mostly it is because I am a klutz and there is a pretty good chance I'll take an involuntary bath or fall on rocks and break the camera. Plus I am more into fishing than shooting photos.

Perhaps I will post pictures when we go to WY the weekend after next to fish the Reef and the Mile on the N. Platte. Hopefully there will be some large enough fish to justify it.

I also like fishing the park as well but there are more and more people. It is just part of the deal given that we live on the Front Range.