Roscoe Fish-In 2013?

Just thinking about resurrecting and planning this event which was held in 2004, 5 and 6. In those years it was well attended, but 'life happened' and circumstances led to less participation. If you'd like to learn about this event - the who, what, when, where, how - you can read about it by just searching the 'Roscoe Fish In' on the Home Page. You can also see lots of photos we took those years and an after event review. The announcement descriptions from those years are still very accurate but will be updated if there's interest for having a 'Roscoe Fish In' this year.
Now this is not a commitment, but if you are interested and might be able to attend (meaning for at least a day or two during the event) just indicate that interest by posting below. Any comments are also appreciated and I'll try to answer any questions anyone may have.