In a current thread and in most/all threads about purchasing a vise, the concept of the cost of the vise comes to the fore. Many vises, it appears, are rejected outright as being "crazy high cost". Now, I certainly do realize that some vises are indeed pricey. However, I wonder if the price of a good quality vise is often overstated.

This is a fly tying forum on the flyanglers' website. Therefore, I presume that most here are very interested in tying. Perhaps spending a lot of their free time on tying.

I am sure, as well, that most of us here do quite a bit of fishing. But, given time constraints, weather, and distance to fishing opportunities, I submit that most of us probably spend more time at the vise than actually fishing over a year's period.

So, I am thinking.........How much are the waders we wear? $150 - $400?.... Wading boots? $150 - $250?..... And, I don't know about you, but mine (waders at least) need to be replaced every few years - often due to tears resulting from my carelessness.

How much is a motel room on a week long fishing trip? $300 to $450? Fly lines?? Etc., etc., etc.

So, how much is "too much" for a vise that lasts a lifetime and is usable year-round?

Just my rationalization, perhaps, but it allows me to enjoy a quality vise..................