Alway equate this fly to big ol' brown trout, although I've never caught one on this fly (a function of my incompetence); in yellow, this has been a killer crappie fly. A few mods here due to lack of materials (2800 miles from home and not a decent shop within 100 miles so I had to make due); had to sub dark pink ostrich for the red marabou tail and twisted KF for mylar braid body. Change colors to suit your needs.

hook - Mustad 79580 #6
thread - UTC 140 tan
tail - ostrich dark pink
body - Krystal Flash rope silver
wing - deer hair tips
topping - peacock herl
head - deer hair clipped
cone - black nickel

Part 1

Mash barb and slide cone on hook

add a few wraps of lead-free wire

and slide into cone, jamming it against hook eye; start thread at 60% mark

tie in tailing fibers

tie in body material

twist KF strands together to create rope

wrap forward to 60% mark and tie off

tie in 2 marabou feathers, let tips extend to tail

trim butts and tie in some peacock herl; trim butts