Just wanted to let all of you know I have retired completely.
Conranch Hackle no longer exists.
The new Owner of my birds is Lars Benson of Clearwater Hackle.
I understand that he will join FAOL as a New Sponsor soon.
208-512-1705 larsbenson@hotmail.com

He does have the birds all set up at his place and has undergone one successful period
of breeding. He does have inventory at this time. I am sure you will have the same high quality
dry fly and wet fly quality hackle that you have had from Conranch for the past 15 years.
I am also positive that you will also get the same top notch customer service.
His inventory of hackle may be a bit limited at this time but know he has a good offering of JV hens, and some very good Dry Fly stock. His new web site will be up and running shortly.
He is a New Member of FAOL. Please give him the same welcome and support that you all have given Liz & I over the years.
I have been retained as a consultant so know the same top quality hackle will continue.

I will remain as Admin for FAOL.