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    Another marriage of two well-known flies, the Muddler and Spruce Fly by two guys, Red Monical and Don Williams
    who worked at Dan Bailey's shop in Livingston. I've seen a few different dressings; reverse engineered this one from
    a fly I picked up at Harry Murray's shop although I left the head a little bigger. Others use brown calf tail for the
    underwing and tail and skip the fox squirrel shoulders; as slippery as squirrel is, I endorse that omission.

    hook - Mustad 79580 #9
    thread - UTC 140 tan
    underbody - lead free .025
    tail - fox squirrel tail
    body - acrylic yarn cream
    gills - dubbing red
    underwing - fox squirrel tail
    wing - 4 grizzly saddle hackles dyed brown
    shoulder - fox squirrel tail
    head - antelope

    Part 1

    mash barb and wrap lead-free

    attach thread and cover underbody

    cut some squirrel for tail (extend about 60% hook shank length)

    tie in

    trim and cover butts with thread

    tie in yarn

    wrap tapered body up to 66% mark

    apply some dubbing

    and wrap gills

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