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Thread: A Louisiana Fly Fishing Report

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    Winter Bull Redfish season is in full swing here in Hopedale, Louisiana with cool temps and crystal clear water! Hurricane Issac back in August really played it's part in rejuvenating the nutrient rich waters of the Biloxi Marsh. The storm surge pulls great amounts of surface silts and mud off the bottom and moves offshore revealing the lighter sandy bottom allowing for some sweet sight fishing conditions. The Marsh has it's areas of sandy bottom but now there are ton's more light bottom zones. As most know Louisiana is the Worlds premier Redfishery it fishes like know other on any given season! After a Hurricane the two or three seasons following fish better than the norm. We have been getting shot after shot from the Spawning schools of September and October too the floating singles and smaller groups of the wintertime! This year has been on fire and I am looking forward to enjoying the January, February, and half of March before heading back to Florida for Tarpon season. Here are some Photo's from December. Enjoy!

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