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Ken Morrow asked and received my approval to use a FAOL Article on "Determining the Shape and Size of a Cork Handle", this is the first of my many articles for FAOL, that with my permission that has now been published in "The Adaptive Fly Fishing Handbook"! This what Ken Morrow had to say to the introduction to my article...

"The most neglected and universally beneficial modification on can make to a fly rod for anyone ...is to customize the rod grip to fit the hand of the owner. The following section was developed and written by Steven H. McGarthwaite (n.d.). It is by far the best method I have encountered for measuring the proper size and shape for a custom fly rod grip. A properly sized and shaped grip makes as much difference to your casting as a properly fitted pair of shoes does to walking and standing for long periods of time." ~Ken Morrow

Thank you Ken Morrow for you king thoughts and words. ~Parnelli
You're welcome. And thank you for contributing to the first edition of this textbook.

Hopefully, more people with special needs and those who help special needs anglers will contribute articles, sections, even chapters for consideration to be included in this book. I don't really consider this "my book," but would love to see it become a compilation of "best practices" and great ideas for Piscatorial Therapy and adaptive fly fishing and tying. I produce this book in cooperation with Rock Bass Media (editing, graphics, and pre-press formatting), AFFI, and the Adaptive Outdoor Safety Council. Contributors who get their work included in the volume, as you and Jeff W. Loftin did in the first edition, have reason to be proud of their accomplishment. We may even be able to start a prize competition for the best independent contribution in each edition, which we plan to publish every 2-3 years. We are currently accepting submissions for the 2nd edition.

The Adaptive Fly Fishing Handbook is currently being used in curriculum and as a reference manual at a number of fully accredited graduate and undergrad programs around the country, as well as being used in several hospitals. It's a tiny niche sort of thing in the world of books, but it will continue to grow as time goes on.