I myself thought the post was an attempt to help out some of the new guys of fly fishing. Now I realize that we have a beginners guide here but, did not know that for quite some time. It also gives you the opportunity to become a member of the IFFF which, I will hopefully be the President of the Mid-Atlantic Region. This Organization helps out a great deal with conservation and fisheries and is worth supporting. That alone is worth the 15-20 minutes spent on the Cabelas website. The University as it is called is in know way going to replace the wealth of knowledge here and in the beginners page but, if we continue to down someone for making a post like that, especially if it saves having to answer the same questions over and over again by new fisherman, isn't that worth the post? Just my thought on the subject and I am certainly in no way trying to start an arguement, just my opinion.

cmcculloch, thanks for the post