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Thread: Can someone help me evaluate used Bamboo Rods?

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    Default Can someone help me evaluate used Bamboo Rods?

    for any bamboo experts: I have been fishing on a 7wt Orvis Silver Label rod for many years. I do a lot of wild trout fishing and would like a light weight bamboo rod. Since I don't have to much money to spend, I have been searching for used rods and I have no idea how to know what is a good rod that I will enjoy fishing with and what is not. I am trying to stay below 200$ but not if it means i wont like what i get. Here are 9 rods I am thinking about buying. If anyone has time to tell me if any of them are worthwhile that would be very helpful, or order them in order that you think they are worth #'s 1-9 that would be ideal. Thank you very much for any help

    Here is the order of rods i am thinking about getting:

    1) Phillipson Pacemaker 8'6" bamboo fly rod ebay 113$
    This is the rod I am leaning towards being built in colorado is a plus for me, but its a 5/6wt, something a little lighter might be better. not sure what it is worth.

    2) Vintage Heddon 9' Black Beauty Split Bamboo Fly Rod - $200
    I could go cast this rod before I buy it as it is close to where I live. looks pretty nice. i think there is a site that said its worth around 275$.
    3) I am going to look a rod just like this one tomorrow. I haven't been able to find anything on Tiger Fly Fisher rods. I think it might be chinese. there were 0 bids on this rod for a 150$ minimum, since it is near my house i can go try it, might be able to get a deal?

    4) There are many rods out there people have made that arnt well known rod builders. Some look nice, but how can I know how they cast.
    hand made brook trout rod from novascotia 99$

    5) And This one is tiny, might be fun, but its pretty short.

    6) Has anyone heard of Zhus rods? I haven't been able to find much, but the price makes me skeptical. someone did comment somewhere else that they are like casting with a broom stick.

    Obviously Orvis rods are beautiful. not sure if I should spend the money tho.

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