A group of us will be heading to all three places the last week of September.

Any locals have any idea on where to go on the Yellowstone River? I used to live in Helena, MT (upper MO River was my home water) but I do not know the Yellowstone River very well. I'm thinking of floating from Springdale (below Livingston) to the Grey Bear access or Big Timber one day and perhaps through Paradise Valley the other day. Depending on the weather, I'm thinking maybe some terrestrials (still), Baetis and definitely streamers/sculpin patterns on the lower end. Then south through Yellowstone National Park (probably dunk a line on a stream/river or two) on the way to Jackson, WY.

I have no idea what my fishing partners have in mind on the Snake except that we will be floating south of Jackson on the Wyoming side. Any ideas what they take at that time of the year? Maybe dry flies?

Finally, on our way back to Colorado we are thinking of hitting the Wind River through the Wind River Indian Reservation just downstream of Boysen Dam. Long story short, unless you're a member of the tribe or willing to pay $600 for two people to the reservation's designated outfitter, I do not think you can float the river. My understanding is you can purchase a reservation fishing license though you are limited to scrambling down from the public road to the river. No access from the other (reservation side) of the river. Any ideas what typically works in that area? I'm guessing big streamers. However, I think access along the banks through a canyon will be work. Lots of work. Alternatively, we may bypass that and go to Grey Reef outside of Casper. I want to do some streamer fishing. The tug is the drug.

Kind of wondering if the browns will be in pre-spawn mode though it may be too early still.

Any input would be appreciated.