Is ego such a bad thing? Balance in life is required and too small/weak an ego can be destructive. So I don't see ego per se as being bad. I see it as a problem when it is too large or too small. There is a difference which might not have made itself apparent. There is a difference between doing a thing to have done it and doing it to brag about it. The first is about the satisfaction of setting and achieving goals. There may even be some bragging about it. (Has anyone else been turning into a toad by Swamp Witch Betty as many times as I have?) It's only natural to be pleased and some people will want to talk about it. It is a different thing to do a thing for the sake of being able to brag about it and lord it over others. That would be too much ego, IMNSHO.

I didn't read the article. I don't know the people involved. I'm not worried about it.

Ed, who's looking for another one of those braggin'-sized, sub-inch long creek chubs.