Spent a couple days at Glacier National Park.

Did a warm up hike the first afternoon at Two Medicine. And a longer hike the following day on the Ptarmigan Lake Trail out of Many Glacier.

Thought you all might enjoy some pix.

One of the stunning trees along the trail on our first hike.

A pool at Ptarmigan Falls.

Ptarmigan Lake.

And one of the many outstanding vistas along the Ptarmigan Lake Trail.

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Glacier National Park is one of the truly outstanding places to spend time. The Many Glacier area offers a number of hikes with a wonderful variety of scenery.

Hope you all have had or get the chance to see it for yourself at some point.


P.S. Saw a grizzly while we were at Many Glacier, and the second evening we spent at Two Medicine we got to watch a black bear foraging just above the campground. Several mountain goats were hanging out on another mountain at Two Medicine.