Good review of the rod. Maybe I should not have been so quick to jump the gun and say that the rod was stiff. At first when I posted that I had only casted it and wiggled test it for less than 10 minutes. The When I went back the following weekend and spent a little more time with it it did not feel as stiff as first. The longer rod is not as stiff as the shorter one either. I thought it was a good decent attempt at a Tenkara Rod. This will be a good starter rod for people who are new to casting tenkara lines. When I first started I started with TUSA's Amago and had a hard time casting with size 4 lines. I went with running line from a 4wt WFF line then from a 2wt WFF. The 2wt running line was actually where I should have started but did not have any. Know at times the size 4 tenkara line seems heavy. Like Chris said the best part is people will be able to go to a close fly shop and actually play with a rod before purchasing. This is what kept me away for a little over a year from taking the jump. Plus not every state has trout water but they do have bass and bluegill water.

Mike P.