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    I got to spend some time casting one at a show in February. I've found some of these extreme ultra-light rods to be tempermental to cast, but this rod was really smooth. I enjoyed casting it. The action and "feel" of the half wt was similar to other rods in the Finesse series. The rod I cast had a 1 wt line on it and that was a sweet combination. I would guess that about 30 feet is the max range that I'd try to fish the rod, but it would be great in tight situations and small streams. I liked the rod a lot. It would make a great Brook trout rod or a really fun Bluegill rod.

    I was very impressed with the new BVK reel. That reel is tiny. It is very light and it matched the half wt rod perfectly. For those of you that like untra-light rods, this reel is worth checking out.

    That was my impression of the rod after spending about 30 minutes or so casting it inside at a show. I have not had a chance to fish with one yet. I liked casting the half wt. rod a whole lot, but you should know that I'm a casting instructor on TFO's pro staff so I may not qualify as an unbaised opinion.

    If you get a chance, take time to cast the half wt. It is a fun little rod to play with.

    Have fun,
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