I may have mentioned in my last post that I received a new Bamboo rod last weekend from Project Healing Waters. It is an 8' 5wt. I found out some interesting stuff today and have also contacted the maker. The makers name is Fred Powell, he lived in upstate NY but has moved here to Virginia. I brought the rod to a buddy of mine who builds bamboo rods to get his opinion on the rod which he absolutely loved when he noticed the #1 inscribed on the rod. I think I have a #1 first made bamboo rod by Fred. I have contacted him through PM at fiberglass rods forum and also found his website and I told him that I was given this rod and under the circumstances it was given to me. I also asked for any shop notes pertaining to it and also the taper used and also to see if he may have another tip for it. It only came with one. So, I am pretty excited about owning his first bamboo build. As far as I know, he has only built a few bamboo but is more into the glass rods.