downsized_0504121644 (1).jpg Got out on Thursday for a little Yakkin seeing as though it was going to be in the 80's here in S/E Michigan. After batteling 30-40mph winds on and off over the past 2 weeks it was nice to get a calm day. Went to Metro Beach and tried the back waters after trying the big lake and getting nothing. For perfect conditions the fishing was slooooow. I got one small LM off a pile of rocks in btween a steel sea wall and this nice pike. Needless to say it was a pleasant surprise as I wasn't exactley fishing for pike. Used a brown cone head wolly bugger after changing numerous flies. Fished low an slow he smacked it but good. Not wanting any bike marks where id have a hard time explaining in an ER i released it outside the Yak..luckly the bugger was on the outside of its mouth. Been a slooow year for fishing, hope it picks up.