First post here, nice looking forum.

I have an old fly rod given to me by a neighbor, probably close to 25 years ago. He was clearing out his family's cottage and literally came walking over to my house with his arms full of old rods and reels, then went back for a second trip and came with two big tackle boxes. There were three A&F rod tube in the pile, but only one contained a rod. I used it off and on, not fishing all that hard, mostly for blugill and the occaisional small bass, but haven't had it out for the last 10 or so years. I have an opportunity to get out on some trout streams with an experienced fly fisherman, but wonder what the value of such a rod is (if it is worth more than it's "working" value). I appreciate old things, and like to use them for their purpose, but if the rod has a high value might consider selling it and buying a newer, more replaceable rod.

Any and all thoughts appreciated