Here you go. I would definitely coat the tinsel with nail polish. (if you are gonna fish them) You may even want to cover the floss too. I intentionally put the floss up in the front of the fly, to help prevent fish teeth from ripping it.

David Mac recipe:
Hook-Mustad L87 size 2 (any streamer hook of your choice)
Tail- Peacock Swords
Tag-Flat Silver Mylar Tinsel
Body-Copper Flat Mylar Tinsel (back half, Soldier Blue floss front half by eye (or light blue sub)
Rib-Oval Silver Tinsel
Throat-Chartreuse Schlappen or hackle fibers
Wing-Olive, Chartreuse, Silver Doctor Blue hackle
Shoulder- Lady Amherst Pheasant gold tipped emerald body feather
Eye- Jungle Cock (JC)