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    One of the questions I get asked pretty frequently is how much tippet to use. I generally use about 3 1/2' of 5X knotted directly to my bright fluorescent orange tenkara line. Fly fishermen who are used to having 9 or even 12' of clear leader between their colored fly line and the fly often think this is too short and that the brightly colored line that close to the fly will scare the fish. I tell them it doesn't but I'm not sure they believe me.

    Even experienced tenkara anglers are skeptical at times. There was a recent thread on the Tenkara USA forum announcing their new hi-vis line (not a bad line, by the way, although I do think the fluorescent orange is a bit more visible). One tenkara angler mentioned that he would use that line in the summer when the water was low and clear, thinking it would be less likely to scare the fish.

    I hope the photo below will ease his concerns. Without realizing it, I had gotten my tippet tangled up and the fly was only about 4 inches below the end of my brightly colored line. It didn't seem to scare this fish (from a stream that is not stocked).

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