Ok guys! I LOVE my Fishcat 4 Delux float tube...but for one small detail. It's great on flat water, but I'm now wanting something that can handle a wider variety of water. I want something I can take into rivers that will let me go down them frontwards so I can avoid obstacles, sweepers, etc, without staining my neck all the time and still fish without having to paddle all the time. I find fishing from a canoe, in a river, beyond difficult. At the same time it needs to be back packable...ie something I can easily carry in and out while hiking down trails....so no frames and light weight. I've been studying kickboats of various types for a while now. I like them, but then I saw the Scaddon NFO Outlaw Escape. It's a 6 ft version of their Renigade which I also like but I think it may be too big ???. I think Joanie knows that watercraft.

I'm just wondering if anyone here has had some experience with these and what they think of it, handling etc.