I do not like or use commercially manufactured tapered leaders... I started out building my own knotted leader. Later I started building furled leader. Being a mathematically inclined, I developed the "Big Furled Leader Formula" which can be use in Tenkara for the casting.... perfectly balanced and the three loop formula creates a 5 segmented tapered furled leader.

The best part is these furled leaders (using the formula's that I have written, are parabolic) any length any loop sequence, any looping material.

If you want a free CD of my work, just email me your mailing address at parnelli@comcast.net I will mail at not charge the Big Furled Leader CD. I have now added a metric (centimeters) version to the original inches calculations.

I built my own tenkara fly rod, and use furled leaders for the fly fishing.... these leaders are wonderful for casting any type of fly rod.... ~Parnelli