Hey guys!

It's done, we brought it over to his house the day after his birthday so he wouldn't be expecting it.
Here are some pictures:

This is it without lacquer or any finishing. Chair for reference of size.

After the first coat of lacquer. No drawers.

Second coat.

All done!

After a crazy car ride and an interesting trip down the stairs, here it is in his basement. Inside, you can see the glue shelf I made: (on the right next to the stacks of drawers with the dowels) his wife was frustrated with glue spilling all over the other bench and getting on the carpet. In the inside corner (left on picture) you can see a small set of shelves I made for his Orvis hook cases, fitted to size. You can see the vise and the lamp too.

Again, I'd like to give a shout-out to the posters on this thread, you guys helped tons!

If you want more information, such as pictures or plans for this desk, let me know at my!mr!id!on!@g!ma!il!.c!om (remove '!' to get the valid email) and I'll email what I have or can get.

As a side note: This was a gift to a friend, but if you personally were to pay for this desk, what would you pay for it? Just curious.

Respectfully, Mymridon.