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    Default what happened here?

    blow this off as bs if ya wanna and are satisfied w/ the status quo here. or maybe this is std operating procedure nowadays, but...

    what happened to the real old school themed swaps?

    I've participated in countless swaps here. many excellent, some kinda well sh!tty. I finally semi-retired from swaps and even tying because that time is now spent building real rods. yeah yeah shut up. I'm biased. I asked about badbug a while back and got spammed by feenom's email today after mentioning the very dude to a golfing buddy and remembered how great those old swaps were. those guys can tie circles around most. and I've been looking at steelhead flies I've recv'd from pete hiatt's (is that right namewise? I'm getting old. *I think I'm right though) and damn I'm in the desert thinking of putting together a steelhead box w/ all those flies. I grew up or matured cutting my chops tying flies for swaps here.

    what happened to those kinda swaps?

    don't tell me I should host it. *or that smg hosts a beginner swap - I have no interest in that. *tell me why they are no longer around. *and where's the quality we used to see?

    tooting my own horn a bit, I hosted some of the best swaps this site has seen. *not that that matters a whit as to what I'm talking about, though if you were there then you remember and know.
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