After many years of trying, I finally won the fancy-shmansy Ducks Unlimited Dinner gun at our DU banquet last Saturday. For those of you unfamiliar with this gun, it is a Browning Maxus 12 ga. Semi-Auto. Limited edition #0177. Lots of fancy engraving, gold plating, etc.. etc. Seeking advice. What would you do with it?

1. Shoot the heck out of it? (it's only a gun, after all.)
2. Sell it a buy a more "practical" gun?
3. Tuck it away in the gun safe.

I'm actually leaning toward #1. It is after all, just a gun. I doubt it will actually increase in value over the years. It isn't really a "rare" gun. Every DU chapter gets one. I don't like the idea of tucking it away just to have my wife sell it 20 years from now. For the record, that model, without the fancy DU engraving, retails for about $1200.

What do you think?