Considering I live in a major metropolitan area (must be since D.C. always scores in the top 5 in terms of traffic congestion) with a decent population of flyfishers (must be since places like the Potomac during shad season and Big Hunting Creek on a spring weekend are zoos), we have the absolute worst choices when it comes to flyshops. Let me qualify that by saying the Urban Anglers, formerly Angler's Lie and formerly in Arlington (25 miles away, but if timed properly a doable drive), is actually a pretty good shop. The problem is they've moved 10 miles farther away to Alexandria and, unless they're willing to stay open 'till 3 AM when traffic and parking might be manageable, there's no way in the world I'd make that drive. Of the 2 Orvis stores, the one in Tyson's is the most pathetic excuse for a flyfishing establishment I've ever seen - lazy, disinterested, pretentious staff (unless they see you pull up in your Porsche Cayenne Turbo) with a flytying selection that is dwarfed by the WalMart in Polson, Montana; haven't been to the other Orvis store, so I'll hold judgement, although I expect it's probably as bad.
With the price of gas, tolls, time (stuck in traffic) having reached the tipping point, I've found I do 99% of my shopping on-line, unless I'm in country. Heck, Whitefish, Montana (population 5000+) has 4 shops (including Sportsmans, more of an outdoors store); admittedly it's in Big Sky Country, but it's not in a fishing hotspot like West Yellowstone, Bozeman, Missoula, etc.