Assume for a moment that you don't get to go fishing nearly often enough. A day off is unheard of and when you do get those days off, the honey-do list is way to long to consider going fishing. And then one day as if by magic, the day is here and you can go fishing. There is of course no dilema at all, you are definitely going fishing. However there is one question that you wonder about. Where to go? there are a few choices to chose from, but which one would you choose?

1st, A 2 hour drive to a world class trophy trout stream, where you'll stand a chance to catch a really nice brown or bow. The only drawback is the number of anglers that will be there. You may have to wait on the perfect spot for someone else to finish fishing that spot.

2nd, A small trout stream where you are practically guaranteed complete solitude. The fish are small and perhaps not real plentiful. It's about an hour drive from your home.

3rd, A warm water creek, less than 10 minutes away. It's not a great fishery, and you'll probably see at least one other person fishing or a group of people swimming and normally drunk.

So there are your choices. Which would you choose?

just curious,

PS, I prefer the second one, though due to time restraints spend more time at the third.