Well, it looks like I'll be cut down to nothing but Tenkara fishing for quite some time beginning very soon. I've got 3 tears in my left rotator cuff and shoulder muscles and a blown out left knee. The shoulder is bad. I'm going to be looking at serious surgery and long rehab. That means one-handed fly tying and fishing for many months. It's a good thing I'm the guru of adaptive fly fishing and fly tying, huh? LOL

Inside every dark cloud is a silver lining. I've never felt good enough about my one-handed fly tying skills, and it will be fun to spend more time Tenkara fishing. I may even have to figure out how to catch some small saltwater fish Tenkara-style - like Pin Fish and Mangrove Snapper. That would be a hoot! In the meantime, I'll have to settle for bream and bass, and the occasional trout when I can get to the mountains.