The last week this season three anglers had encounters with a really big trout in this
I was looking at this hole last night and thinking?

Is this hole a transitional hole for spawn or is this hole this big trout's home?

Will that big trout be there in March when it is cold. Will it "winter" in that hole.

You really can't tell from this photo above but the photo below tells me what I want to know.

The structure in the hole is much more obvious in this photo.

The appearance of "too" strong of current in this hole tells me this hole is "NOT" where this trout will winter.

Trout in winter want a slow current where they can hold tight to the bottom and exert as little amount of

energy as possible to stay in place during the frigid winter months.

This monster trout will not be in this hole in the spring.

It could have come from miles away with the spawning itch or it may be in a slower moving deep hole

in the general vicinity. What are your thoughts?