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Go to the FAOL Home and search Electric Dread for recipe and instructions.
Comment and a little bit of advice...when you first look at this pattern, you might get the idea that it's a difficult fly to tie but it's not, it's Cordell's humor and some handy tips. What I found is that if you choose to take on the Electric Dread, print off the FOTW and read it through, very carefully 3 times. Then, read it through one more time, this time highlighting the instructions. Once you do this, you will find that it's not as intimidating a fly to tie as you thought it was when you read through the pattern the first time and, you won't miss any of the materials and tying steps.

The Electric Dread is productive fly in both salt and freshwater (bass, catfish and carp love it). Thanks for sharing Cordell.

Tight lines, AC