After several outings with my 18 ft Hera rod and my 12 ft tenkara rod I decided that I really like tenkara better but needed a longer rod, maybe not 18 ft but longer than 12 as 12 ft doesn't give me the reach I want for warm water pond and lake fishing. I settled on the 15 ft Kasugo from While I was at it I ordered some high vis yellow tenkara line as when I'm fishing I offer watch the line to detect strikes and I just couldn't see the light green line I got from TenkaraUSA. I received my rod and line in short order from all fishing Comparing my new Kasugo to my Yamame the rod sock is lighter and cheaper, the case isn't quite as nice, the tip protector is cheaper and the cork on the handle is a little rougher but the rod itself looks good and it casts nice, well as nice as this tenkara newbie can make it. The Kasugo was about $30 less than the Yamame so I think that explains the lack of refinements in the former as compared to the latter.
The line turned out to be some fly fishing running line but I can cast it with the 6:4 Kasugo just fine and it does help me detect strikes. The price wasn't bad either.
All in all I'd say I got a very good value for the money and I'd have to rate the customer service as excellent.