I took my tenkara rod, hera rod & a regular fly rod out to Snyder's Bend yesterday afternoon to see if the ice was out and, if it was, spend some time fishing for early season crappie. When I was close to the lake and scanned out across the water it was like, whoa, no ice. I parked the car, rigged up and began walking down the canal to a nice open spot with no other fishermen there. After messing with my hera rod and being quite unsatisfied with the results I set up the tenkara rod and began fishing with it. This was much better. It cast my fly & indicator much better and was much lighter in the hand. By this time it was getting close to the time I needed to go home and, as I was catching nothing same as everyone else, I began walking down the canal casting to every bit of cover I could find. And bits it was, mostly stumps of last years cattails. I finally cast to one and thought I got hung up but then the snag began moving. I thought great, a nice crappie and began leading it toward shore. I got the fish close enough to glimpse it but then it turned on the afterburners and shot out toward the middle of the canal and broke my line. Darned, lost my first fish of the year hooked on a true fly outfit. Better luck next time.