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    After I got my tenkara rod from TenkaraUSA I started thinking that I would like something longer and more powerful. The tenkara rod is great, very compact when collapsed, light and easy to handle but has a rather limited range & I kept on wondering what would happen if I hooked a really large fish like a 10 lb carp with it. has a line of hera rods and pictures of carp over 20 lbs. that people have caught using these rods. These rods come in lengths much longer than the tenkara rods, collapse down to reasonable lengths and are light enough to use all day without getting tired. So I ordered one and this week it showed up in the mail. I took it out yesterday evening and fished a small bead head copper john beneath a small strike indicator. It handled that setup very well. It has a much softer tip than most fishing poles and is nice and slim like a tenkara rod. Is this fly fishing? No, but it is fishing with flies. I think I'm going to have lots of fun with this rod in the coming months.

    I forgot to say I ordered an 18 foot rod.
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