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    A while back I had an idea for a few big bass/pike flies that were like a wool head only used alpaca that I have been dyeing lately for the heads. I knew that I didn't have the kind of hackle that I was looking for to make the tails out of so I dropped Denny an email at I gave him a brief description of what type of feathers I was looking for and what I intended to do with them and received a nearly immediate reply that he would check his stock to see what he had that would suit my needs. The next morning there was an email in my inbox describing my choices. I made my selection, went to work and when I got home a couple days later was greeted by a large box with my saddles in it.

    This is one of the saddles that hasn't been dyed yet

    The saddles that Denny had selected were perfect for what I wanted, exactly what I had asked for. Since this whole thing was an experiment, I cut the first saddle into 5 pieces. Each of these sections were to be dyed a different color.
    Here's what I got...

    And here's what I tied with it!

    I would just like to thank Conranch for the excellent customer service that I received, and recommend that everyone checks out the next time that they need hackle, especially if it is for a special application.


    DISCLAIMER: I am not associated with Conranch in any way other than being a very satisfied repeat customer. I get no kickback, no free stuff, am not related to the Conrads by blood or marriage, nor am I about to be. Conranch just sells a heck of a product.
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