I truly enjoyed learning the facts about seal hunting and the struggles of the people of Newfoundland. I have kept up with the hunt here in Arkansas via the news and find it very interesting to get someone perspective from the inside. The filth and lies that are reported here in the US are usually report by the vocal minority who don?t have a clue to what is going on in every day America. It?s the people who say they are liberal and care about other but are actually heart set on making this a world where their agendas are crammed down the throats of tax paying citizens (whether it be US or Canadian) who foot their bill for idiotic measures. These people bombarded our news media with Bull Sh*t and the majority of Americans who don?t know what a cow looks like believe this crap. I am an avid hunter and outdoors man and view what you guys do as historic, these practices that have been done for generations and generations are getting smaller and smaller by the year but hopefully we can pass our pastimes to our children and grandchildren.