Dr. Ed Rizzolo Fly Tying Festival

Many of you will notice a change in the name of Texas FlyFishers Annual Fly Tying Festival. At the 2009 17th annual festival, it was proclaimed that henceforth the festival would be known as the Dr. Ed Rizzolo Fly Tying Festival as a tribute to Ed for his being the one responsible for getting it started back when.
Now that the ?formalities? are out of the way...........
The Festival Details

Ladies and gentlemen, Texas FlyFishers would like to invite you to attend our 19th annual fly tying festival and our second Dr. Ed Rizzolo Fly Tying Festival, to be held at Bethany Christian Church, located at 3223 Westheimer on February 5 , 2011. The hours will be from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. Admission fees are: Adults $10.00; Students (with valid I.D.) and Seniors (62+) $5:00; Children under 12 Free; Family $15.00.
We anticipate having in excess of 50 tiers from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas , Arkansas, and New Mexico present, tying every type of fly imaginable. This is your opportunity to come watch, and question ,the masters of the art. There will be six one-hour special presentations, a casting area will be set up in the church parking lot and the ever popular Danish casting games will be conducted under the able supervision of our illustrious President, Dave Lemke, on the front lawn of Lamar High School, which is directly across the street from the church. Numerous vendors will also be present demonstrating and selling their products.
Featured Tier Tim Borski

In December 2006, a group from Men?s Journal magazine was at the Borski home in Islamorada photographing Tim in his art studio for an article on Keys characters published in April 2007. This was the first time Tim was featured in a publication that had nothing to do with fishing. With that milestone behind him, more good things are expected for the artist who follows his own drumbeat.
Borski, 49, had humble beginnings in Stevens Point, Wis., and was basically on his own at age 17. Freezing in unheated cabins through several winters but enjoying ice fishing, friends and the folly of youth, Borski later moved to Miami at age 23 and to the Florida Keys shortly after that.
In the Keys, his propensity for recreating on canvas things he held dear in nature blossomed. Through fortunate circumstances, such as becoming a caretaker on Craig Key, he was able to develop as an artist without much concern for earning a living. A following for his watercolor paintings arose. With tournaments clamoring for his art as prizes for successful anglers, he was able to sustain himself as an artist and an individual. Branching into oils and acrylics, Borski constantly innovates, so life in the Borski household is never boring. Most recently, Borski was awarded first place in acrylics in the Purple Isles Art Guild Show for a typical Borski painting, entitled ?Mr. Snook.? It is a detailed, 30-by-40-inch painting of a fish on a bright orange-red background.
Painting has been going exceedingly well with art as varied as the Mongolian trout, Taimen, for World Trout and the folks at AEG who produce the "Trout bum diaries," from edgy blue marlin pieces for tournaments, to an array of birds in art which is one of his most in-demand subjects. Tim, also, is an entertaining writer. Tim wrote an article for a fly fishing magazine about a jaunt to Ixtapa, Mexico with the person who showed him how to tie his first fly, Frank Oblak of Miami. Tim writes fly tying articles for the quarterly Redbone Journal, and recently has had success writing about herpetology, his latest craze.
Going ?snaking? and camping with his boys Josef, 10, and Gus, 7, fishing around the house (Florida Bay), and the occasional business jaunt keeps Tim happy at home and on the road, meeting new and interesting people. Tim?s website is and his home number is 305-852-9886.
This will be your opportunity to meet and visit with one of this country?s premier fly tiers and fly fishers, and watch him tie his famous patterns in person.