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    After a little confusion last month it's my turn to pick this month's swap.

    The theme this month is "Fly fishing fantasy". Have you ever wanted to go someplace that you have never been and fish for an entirely new species? This is your chance to tie flies for that trip. For instance, if you live in the south but would like to fly fish for northern pike one day, you should tie a pike fly. If you have never fished steelhead, this may be your chance to tie some steelhead flies. Any fish/ fly combination will work, Just please try to make it for something that you have never fished for before or that you get to fish for on very rare occasion.

    Also, please include the species that you would like to catch on the toe tag of the fly that you tie.

    1. Hugefish_80
    2. John R
    3. bdsavage - Spade- Salmon
    4.Rick Z
    5.ibrb - Steelhead
    6.billhouk -Skip's Dad - Northern Pike
    7.Albasurf - Salmon
    8.sjo- Assasain- Rud
    9. Gigmaster - Gotcha-bonefish- saltwater flatts
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