For a couple of summers in a row, Rick Z's unweighted Boa Yarn Leeches were THE PATTERN for my local fly-fishing success. I preferred the unweighted version, since I could fish it very slowly at night, and not have to be too concerned with it snagging up on the bottom.
Crappies, bluegills, bass, catfish, etc...LOVE this pattern! This past summer, I didn't catch nearly as many fish. Since I'm fishing the same waters, I assumed the fish had learned to avoid it. This still may be the case.
Late this past season, I began fishing microjigs like the Springbrook Wunder, and other weighted patterns like small Clouser Deep Minnow patterns. These worked extremely well.
The ponds are aging, and getting more weedbeds. The water has cleared somewhat, compared to a couple years ago. Judging by the fish I'm seeing and catching ice-fishing, there are still plenty of fish in the pond. Why wasn't I catching many this past summer?
I'm convinced the fish are frequenting deeper water than in the past, due the the improved water clarity. I can and probably will try fishing with weighted patterns to get deeper and hopefully catch more fish next year. I will probably also use a strike indicator when it is still light enough to see it, so I can fish deeper, but still provide a slow presentation. big DUH moment came with realizing I should just take Rick Z's advice and put a good ol' bead on the front of the Boa Yarn Leech to get it to fish deeper. Rick does this. I have tied a few of these up in the past, but didn't really use them much, since the unweighted worked so well. Its not a new pattern, just one I need to utilize more to fit my particular circumstances.