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Thread: We should be least likely fly purchasers - but is it true

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    Default We should be least likely fly purchasers - but is it true

    Presumably everyone here is a fly tier. My guess is, however, that most of us still purchase flies on occasion. Speaking for myself, I purchase for 4 reasons:
    When I travel great distance (and great cost), I will pay the high prices at destination shops because:
    1. I want a few of the local patterns in case nothing I have works;
    2. I want some of their patterns to replicate;
    3. I haven't brought a particular pattern which I find out is working there; or
    4. I see some "neat looking fly" I want to try

    Anyone else become a fly buyer like me????

    As an example, this summer I was in Last Chance where Mike Lawson's shop is and where Rene Harrop sells his flies. Hard to pass up a few flies tied by Rene!! For me at least.....
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