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Thread: A Cheap Rod Carrier/Quiver

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    Default A Cheap Rod Carrier/Quiver

    Here is an idea I just had.
    I bought this a few years ago and never used it.

    Here is a Carry Tube for Drawings etc.
    I bought it a few years ago , it priced nowadays
    at ?7.48
    with tax 8.789 = $14.04

    Max Length 30 inches Min 17 inches
    Diameter 2.25 inches -- 55

    I think it may be wide enough to take two rods.

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    After tweeking the img code a bit I was able to see it. and it looks like a nice rod tube where can you get them and how strong are they because some seem like they age roush.
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    There! I fixed the picture, sorry about that.
    Here is a source for the Carry-Tubes here in the UK.
    I'm sure there are plenty of suppliers in the USA.

    The home made versions I saw on another BB were made with
    Plastic plumbing pipe and seemed a bit heavy and cumbersome.
    This is made with fairly light guage plastic and if it
    only lasts a few seasons, it is fairly cheap.
    I have done quite a bit of DIY tackle making in the
    past, but I am getting too old to be bothered now.

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