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    Default The secret santa signup thread

    This is the signup thread for our FAOL secret santa exchange. Rules will be simple. Everyone who signs up will be given a person to provide a present for, and on December 13 everyone will mail the gift to them. Gifts should be limited to $15 (or equivalent value), and may be used or made if you honestly feel like they are worth the appropriate amount. Multiple items are also allowed. And shipping is not included in the final value price. Everyone should send 1 gift and receive 1 gift. You may have to do a little stalking on FAOL to find the interests and needs of your assigned person.

    Signups will be open until November 22. I will collect mailing info that week, and make assignments then.

    Please don't sign up unless you are positive that you will complete the exchange. If you don't, someone will send a gift and get nothing in return.

    Sign up here, and let me know if you have any questions. No limit on entrants. If you want to participate, you are welcome to join in.

    1. ol' blue -address in
    2. James Smith-address in
    3. DaveP63 -address in
    4. WarrenP - address in
    5. CaseyP -address in
    6. Lotech - address in
    7. bobbyg -address in
    8. Kaboom1 -address in
    9. nighthawk -address in
    10. popperfly -address in
    11. wes-address in
    12. ducksterman-address in
    13. sagefisher -address in
    14. bdesavage -address in
    15. Jack Hise -address in
    16. ohiotuber - address in
    17. branhap
    18. kbproctor -address in
    19. Lake Erie Highball - address in
    20. Old #art - address in
    21. MontanaMoose - address in
    22. hungNtree - address in
    23. Royce -address in
    24. Ray Kunz - address in
    25. AlbaSurf -address in
    26. fishdog54 - address in
    27. John R - address in
    28. modocdan - address in
    29. GATOR9

    Signups are basically done! If you are number 1-14 on this list, please send your name and shipping info to AlbaSurf ASAP. Numbers 15-29 please send me your info. Thanks! We'll get assignments done as soon as all of the information is collected.
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