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    quivira kid came up with the name and he's right, it's hot in Kansas with not much let up in sight, so no fishing. 12 tiers, each tier will tie their most deadly "Warm Water Fly" with one month time limit.

    Wes - BB Leech
    Dan Gober - black pheasant tail
    wet fly guy - hares ear soft hackle
    jeffro - Arkansas Shiners
    sjo - some kind of minnow
    Rick Z - Godlie Jr.
    quivira kid - panfish minnow - Got flies today, 8-19
    Karli-Rae - crawdads!
    Greg H - Matuka/Zonker
    hugefish_80 - small ep minners
    foambug65 - ellworm streamer
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    I can't say about fly fishing but there's a lot of feed lots in Kansas.
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