I was sitting around this evening and thinking. (Scary, isn't it?) Around here lately, it's been hot and I'm starting to get grouchy. Most of the lakes around here are pea soup because of bluegreen algae blooms, and the fish aren't biting very good anywhere that I know of. However! Here in another month or so, it will start to pick up as the temps begin to drop off a bit and the fish want to bulk up before winter.

Anyhow here's my point/idea. If you were going to be targeting bluegills and crappie for an evening and had a dozen flies to stick in an Altoids tin in your back pocket in order to catch them whenever..... What would that dozen flies look like?

Part II
I'm looking for one person to trade a "deadly dozen" with. Not necessarily 12 different patterns, even. But if you were limited to a dozen total flies on an evening trip to fill a fish basket, these would bit it. Anyone game for a quick little swap? I'd love to get some feedback on how my flies do for someone else, too. That's always fun! Results, ideas on how to make things better, and ideas on some new flies!

Let's hear what your "deadly dozen" would look like.