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    Default Bamboo finish application

    Today I am applying the last coat of Spar Varnish to a new Quad Bamboo Rod
    that I am building for myself. As I already had built myself a hex with this taper,
    I wanted a Quad the same, so I computed all the measurements from P.Y. Driggs River
    Special taper, did all the math to arrive at my Quad form measurements. Split a nice
    culm I had been saving for a special rod for self. (split enough pieces so I have enough
    from this one 48" culm to make myself this one and another Quad) (will be a Don Anderson 7' 9" 5 wt.
    I also have one of these I did several years ago in a hex.)
    This rod is 7' 2" 2 pc. 5 wt. I seldom make a second tip for my own bamboo rods.
    As it takes a long time for spar to empty from the dip tube, figured I could take a few photos and share with anyone interested. I drain about 1/2" per minute. Others drain more rapidly, some slower, this works for me & I have no runs.
    The tube is a clear plastic tube one will find at any hardware store, very inexpensive, that florescent
    Lights come in. I sealed on a 2" pvc cap that I had drilled and tapped for a simple radiator drain spigot
    Built a simple stand that is attached to the wall. It has a space under the tube where I can set an empty
    one gal. can to receive the draining spar. This tube takes about 2 quarts. Clean up is quick & easy, just pour in some thinner or min spirits.
    I tape off the ferrules with blue tape, stick in 3 map pins so the rod will not touch the side wall when
    I pull it out. Because I am sort of short and my Bamboo room is a bit less than 8' high, I must remove the
    tube from it's wall rack to take the dipped rod out. I then hang it in a drying chamber I made from a 8'"pvc tube, floor to ceiling.
    I cut a door into the top half, put 3" butt hinges on it. Plywood top with several hooks, and a
    light receptacle in the bottom where I have a 100 watt light bulb. This keeps the drying chamber
    dust free and at a constant temp of about 100 degrees. I leave the rod in this chamber for 24 hours.
    This method has worked for me for several years and is very inexpensive to build.
    Will try and attach a couple photos of the set up while in use.
    If anyone has any questions about this method, feel free to either e-mail me direct
    or phone me 509-999-7472
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