Had Father's Day brunch with the whole family, then my dad decided he wanted to nap on the deck. I didn't want to waste the beautiful weather so I drove up to a local spillway to chase some carp. Unfortunately I only saw two, both out in the faster current which makes presenting a fly tough so I decided to see if I could find anything closer to the dam that was willing to eat. I looked through the boxes I had with me, tied on a size 2 chartreuse/white clouser and started casting. The spots I usually catch crappie at produced nothing so I moved a little closer to the dam. During my first retrieve in the new spot I thought I snagged up on a rock until the snag started shaking and I pulled in my first ever walleye on a fly. Nothing too big, but it was fun and it's always nice to add another species to the catch list.
Caught another one a little smaller, then a smallish crappie:

I ended up with 3 walleye and 3 small crappie that were absolutely inhaling the big clouser. Nice to get out for the afternoon, hopefully all the fathers out there had a good day as well.