Hi guys. I know you will be able to provide loads of opinions. Any recommendations for a new tying light? I've been using a McKenzie Bright Light for about ten years now and really like it, but the replacement bulbs are rather expensive and the light itself gets really, really hot (I've burned my forehead on more than one occasion getting a bit too close, much to my wife's amusement). Usually I only get about three months out of a bulb. I've been considering an Ott Light but I'm a little uncertain on it. I've tried a "knock-off" daylight lamp before and hated it. It just didn't give me nearly the illumination I'd like. Is there a difference between the knock-offs and the real thing? I see that Ott lights come in several different wattages - 13, 15, 20. I'm assuming that I'd want 20, correct?

I tie loads of flies (about 2,000 to 3,000 a year) and almost never tie anything smaller than a #14, with #18 to #20 being my most common sizes, so the light will get plenty of use. For those of you experienced with them, how long does an Ott light bulb typically last?

Any opinions on other lights would be welcome as well. So, please help me pick a new light.