One or two more rods and a couple lines and I'll finally be happy in that department, so in the next year or so most of my fly fishing budget will shift towards tying I think. In preparation for the potential increase in funds assuming everything goes well I had an idea but I need some guidance. I'm coming up empty looking for sources to buy some hooks by the 1000. I've decided I'm going to attempt to get a little more disciplined with my tying until I get a decent stock of the flies I want to have on hand. 1000 packs give me enough to tie 10 each of 10 patterns in 10 different colors. Most will probably get used for 20+ patterns and 5 or fewer colors, or 20 or 30 of a go to pattern/color but you get the idea.

I've got enough random hooks around to keep me fishing, these will just be to stock up during the winter and I figure by the time I get through 1000 hooks in one size I'll have enough money saved up to move on to the next size so I don't plan on more than one or two thousand at once, just figured I'd be able to save a few bucks buying in bigger quantities than the normal 20/50/100 packs.

For some of the standard freshwater hooks I've seen it looks like 1000 hooks can be had for less than $70 before shipping, but
I haven't found anyone that has something like the mustad 3407 or 34007 in 4/0 through 8 for sale in those quantities. Does anyone have a source for these or something comparable in bulk or really any bulk sources for hooks in general since I've just started looking?

Thanks in advance,
joe cool