VEE and I hit the Bellevue Fly Fishing Show today. Our only show of the year. I was standing at one of the fly tying demos watching a friend tie some incredible stone fly nymphs when a little voice started whispering in my ear.

Right across from his booth was the Elkhorn rod and reel booth. Since I bought VEE her Elkhorn 2 hand 6wgt here last year, I figured they might have a new two hander that was calling my name. When I got to the booth I was drawn to the left hand side where the "boo rods were.

Thinking of those fiesty cutts on the Descutes I decided to test cast a 7 foot 4 wgt. That was my first mistake. With a short double haul it layed out 30 feet of line and dropped the yarn into the casting pool with hardly a ripple. Not just once, but everytime.

Then I thought about Les and Z talking up the "boo experience, so I broke down and bought it.

Yup, REE has his first ever "boo rod and a spiffy new reel to go with it.

The weather is supposed to get overcast on Wednesday, which means a BWO hatch about noon. I'll let you know how it fishes after I get it on the river.