So the season is fast approaching, you're still stuck in your house but the water is rapidly becoming less stiff and you know the fish are mere weeks or even days away from "waking up". Sure, you're getting excited. You're already going over the list of excuses you wrote up over the winter that you'll feed to your boss for being late because an angry god put a trout stream between you and your office. You're going through your vest, finding that half a sandwich you had in a Zip-Loc bag on your last trip, now a thick, dark brown substance you quickly throw in the trash.

You're also looking at your fly boxes and wondering if you have enough flies to start off the season. And that, my friends, is the question I have for you today!

How many flies of a particular pattern, size and color do you like having tied up before you start the season? I know everyone has there "go-to" fly, which would likely earn more space in our fly box, but I'm a beginner and don't have such an animal yet. How many of any fly you expect to make steady use of should someone such as I plan on having in the fly box?