Bull Shoals Tailwater - Bull Shoals is running around the clock with 7 units currently. Lake level is 656.31 as of 2/15/'10. Drift fishing nymphs for numbers of fish or streamer fishing for fewer but larger are the two more popular techniques. For high water nymph rigs, use split shot and larger indicators and keep adjusting your indicator to maintain the proper depth that will garner strikes. Use San Juan Worms, scuds, Copper Johns and egg patterns. Grass beds, channels, drop offs and in stream rocks or logs are areas to look for. Streamer fishing with integrated shooting taper sinking lines with 3-4 foot 0x-2x leaders and large flies are producing large fish in the 18-24inch range and larger. Try dead drifting shad patterns with a twitching action near the dam or pound the banks with sculpin patterns further down river, looking for rock and log cover to target casts. Fly patterns for streamer fishing should include; Butt Monkey's, Sex Dungeon's, Circus Peanuts, Zoo Cougars, Fat Head Minnows, Arkansas Bead Head, Davy's Shad, white zonkers and woolly buggers.

Beaver Tailwaters - Generation has been lowered offering alot of wade opportunities. The fish are very healthy and eating generously. Warmer days will bring about smaller midges, so a zebra midge or cadion midge in a size 16-20 will do the trick. Lots of scuds and sowbugs have been seen. These flies need to be fished bouncing along the bottom. Larger fish are taking streamers stripped or dead drifted along river bottom changes. Woolie buggers, clouser minnows, and slump busters in olive or white(when the shad come through) will get the more selective fish. Generation can start at any time, so be aware of the horn. Possible rain events later on in the week might make this low water a short gift. Get out and enjoy.

King's River - Water level 3.99 feet. Good floating and fishing level, but water is cold, 39 degrees. Walleye should be staging in Table Rock to come up the King's and spawn.

Crooked Creek - Water level is 13.71 feet, just over 1 1/2 feet over the low water bridge at Kelly's. High for fishing. Water temperature is cold, 40 degrees.

Buffalo River - Water is high for fishing pretty much through the entire river. Water level is 7.0 feet at Hwy. 65 bridge. Water temperature is 43 degrees.

White River - above Beaver - Water temperatures are near 40 degrees and water levels are moderate. Walleye should be staging to come up out of Beaver Lake to begin spawning. Water temps will have to rise several degrees for the fish to begin moving.